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An Intervention for America

August 29, 2012

An Intervention for America 

An intervention occurs when a family member or loved one’s life has become so dysfunctional due to addiction or mental disorder that those who care and love the individual intervene. The friends and family gather around the individual and declare and unequivocally recite to the distressed individual unassailable evidence of the havoc their lifestyle is wreaking on themselves and on their friends and family. The friends and family will confirm their love and concern for the afflicted individual and then try and encourage the person to accept that they have a problem and to begin the journey to recovery.

I am proposing that the world desperately needs to perform an intervention on the United States of America.

Unfortunately America is suffering from an hallucinogenic and emotional disorder that prevents them from taking an effective leadership role in the world. This affliction is not unique to the America. Many countries in the world have this disease but have not yet reached the same degree of severity as America.

 The world wants to love America. The world needs America’s leadership to navigate our way out of the absurd economic, political and environmental mess that now exists. There is no country in the world that has more brains, resources, and energy to tackle the challenges that confront us.  No other country is in a position to take a leadership position to solve the problems that confound us.

In order to help America regain its health it behooves all citizens of the world to intervene and help America recognize its problems and ensure that Americans know that we love them. The citizens of the world will do whatever we can to help them get better. We will stand by them as they work their way through the recovery process. We need America to be happy and healthy and to once again become a respected and trusted leader of the world community.

For America to recover from its affliction we have to gather around, hold their hand, tell them we love them. At the same time we must give them unassailable evidence of their hallucinogenic and delusional disorder. The first step to recovery is to help the Americans admit there is a problem. Denial is not an option.

Let me begin the process with great temerity, love and optimism to outline some of the more serious hallucinations that are confusing America’s thought process.

Politics- It is blatantly obvious to anyone who does not live in America that the country is governed by two parties that hate each other. I am not talking about a hatred that prevents you from inviting your neighbor over to dinner.  I am taking about a deep, passionate civil war kind of hatred. For the governing parties it is not about country any more it is about power. Whichever party is in opposition has only one goal, and that is to ensure that the country drives into a ditch so that in the next election the opposing party will be able to regain power.

America has fulfilled President Eisenhower’s prophecy that the military industrial complex will take over the government. Your elected leaders are not beholden to the people. They are beholden to the military industrial complex. It is no surprise that most congressmen and senators become millionaires while they are in office and become multi millionaires shortly after leaving elected office.

One only needs to look at a map of congressional districts to realize that gerrymandering has made the concept of democracy a joke.

The recent discussion of ‘legitimate’ rape was in itself appalling but it also served to highlight the celebration of ignorance that that exists in American politics. Your leaders regularly make outrageous statements that are geographically, historically, scientifically and factually wrong yet rather than being humiliated they double down on their ignorant statements and are celebrated. Surely after three trillion dollars and the lives of countless brave men and woman your leaders should know that it is not pronounced I-Rack.

Foreign Policy- Assuming [ and this is a big assumption] that the USA’s interventions around the world are done with only the most pure altruistic intentions it is important to understand how their actions are perceived by the rest of the world. In order to help Americans understand I would ask that all Americans  to  imagine how they would have felt if Mexico had sent troops into Florida in the 2000 Presidential election to ensure that free and fair elections  were being held. Alternately I would ask Americans to imagine how they would have felt if some random European or South America country had  sent troops to America to ensure the protection of the rights of your aboriginal populations as the West was settled 150 years ago. Perhaps Americans could try and visualize what would have happened at the end of WWII if the great powers had ceded Wisconsin to become the new Jewish state, or perhaps Puerto Rico, or Rome or northern Germany.

America was only able to pursue ‘American  Exceptionalism’ after what is recognized as the bloodiest civil war in history. Perhaps other countries must be left to sort it out themselves so that they too, can become exceptional. [However if we stop selling these countries weapons we might limit the carnage.]

By imagining these scenarios the Americans might begin to understand the how their actions are perceived around the world.

Americans are the most amazing people in the world.

We are absolutory dazzled by the pictures coming back from Mars this week. Why then, are Americans watching re- runs of ‘Real Housewives’ instead of episodes of a new show called ‘Real Engineers of NASA’. Why are Americans watching Jersey Shore instead of creating a new  show called ‘Amazing Entrepreneurs Who Will Change the World’?

Military- Americans want to believe that they are a peace loving democracy that is only interested in human rights and the sanctity of human life. It is important for Americans to realize that they outspend the rest if the world on weapons of mass destruction by a factor of 10 to 1. America is the number one exporter of weapons of mass destruction by hundreds of billions of dollars. [To be clear, I will arbitrarily define a weapon of mass destruction as any weapon that can kill more than ten humans in the span of 60 seconds. Surely that is reasonable.] This might help explain why the rest of the world is suspicious of America’s protestations of being a peace loving country. It is fascinating that America can be so passionate about the ‘right to life’ discussion or the ‘stem cell’ debate while making more bombs guns explosives, land mines, WMD and other killer ordinance than the rest of the world combined.

The motivation for this massive expenditure on weapons is to protect America from its enemies. This is on its face now become an absurdity. MAD [Mutual Assured Destruction] has been replaced by MED [Mutual Economic Destruction] China,  Russia America and India and most other countries cannot survive without the mutual trade that exists between them. Any kind of war between great powers is now suicidal as it will ensure the economic collapse of both countries. Furthermore the massive military might, [achieved by sacrificing productive government spending on education infrastructure and other benefits] is as we have seen, quite useless in pursuing dubious regional conflicts. Aircraft carriers are not much good against a _________  [insert one of the following: citizen,  terrorist, insurgent, freedom fighter, malcontent, dead enders, innocent bystander,] Perhaps ideas can be more powerful than guns. Perhaps we need more powerful ideas. All American’s should revisit  President Eisenhower’s farewell speech.

Most of your enemies are not plotting against you. Your enemies are sitting in their La-Z–Boys drinking a beer and watching you spend your way into the abyss on a bloated military that is draining your treasury and destroying your country. Why would an enemy want to get out of their comfy chair and plot against you? You are doing a better job of destroying your own country than your enemies could ever do.

Religion- At their core, the great religions of the world profess tolerance love, peace, respect and sensitivity. Unfortunately the great religions have been co- opted. Religions are now used as a bludgeon of power and intolerance to control citizens and to force citizens to think a certain way. Both of your political parties seem to believe they are on a ‘Mission from God’ and anyone who stands in their way risk’s eternal damnation. Fortunately the continuous stream of affairs, sex scandals, bribery and corruption charges, hate- mongering, war mongering and fear- mongering indicates that your leaders don’t really believe in their religion. However they are not reluctant to use religion as a weapon against their opponents. [That is until they themselves are caught in the act.]

The Economy- This issue is actually quite simple. America and just about every other developed nation have not enjoyed an economic miracle for the last 50 years. We, led by America, have simply borrowed and printed money to achieve whatever goals and toys we wanted.   The circumstance the world is now in is not different than one faced by an individual household whose monthly payments are close to or exceeding their monthly income. One by one the developed countries are hitting their credit limit.  America is not immune from this scenario. America is the heart and lungs of the word economy. When America reaches its credit limit, well even I don’t want to think about that. America is not strolling toward its credit limit it is rocketing to its credit limit. America and the world can no longer borrow and print their way to prosperity. We are going to have to earn it.

I would humbly ask each person on the planet to tweet an American and tell that that you love them, and we want them to get better. Tell them we are behind them as they confront their demons. Tell them we need them to be strong. [ I don’t mean build another aircraft carrier strong , I mean strength to recognize their problem and to overcome their hallucinations and to think clearly again]. America’s strength will give other countries in the world the courage to accept and overcome their own particular demons. We know it will not be easy, we will stand by them on their road to recovery. We understand that our future well being is directly tied to the results of our intervention. The world is depending on America. Our children and grandchildren are depending on America. We know that the way ahead will require shared sacrifice. With America’s leadership we can overcome our challenges together. We can be proud of the world we will leave our children. Hug an American, tweet an American and tell them you love them. ‘Like’ an American on Face book’. Give Americans the strength, courage and determination to get better. We need America’s leadership now more than ever. 




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  1. dscott permalink

    Interesting observations! Thanks!

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